• Our ePlantion Next Generation application is one of the robust cloud computing solution for Plantation industry. The system enable the company to start recording all transaction from nursery, plant, harvest, product, transport and human resource management.

    Our solution proven to accommodate the complex business transaction and reward system of farming and plantation business.

  • We develop integrated IT Solution for government practices, from accounting process, public services and Asset Management.

    Our Asset Management solution is a complete set that can be used also by private sector, we administer all asset purchase, maintenance, distribution, handling, and write-off. Any asset from tangible asset like car, building, land, house, furniture, equipment until non tangible as license, securities paper, copyright and permits.

    We equip our solution with integrated barcode printer, scanner and advance RFID utilization for hospital and mission critical business processes.

  • Our ERP solution, record all activity transaction in mining business. The entire business process.

    From transport management, complex plant management of mining industry all ready embedded into the system. We ensure that the management will have a comprehensive and reporting, from exploration activities, exploitation, production, transportation and manufacturing the output of the mine resources.

  • Within this practice, we provide:

       + Scorecard Modeling Services
       + Credit Rating Software Solutions
       + Analytics Strategic Consultancy Services
       + Model Validation Services
       + Business Intelligence Solutions for Risk Management

  • Big Data, analytics, and many business report dynamically being develop by IT Departments for many users, department from all ages in the corporate level.

    But our experts, will provide you with the most usable and practical web-based reporting as your main tool to intelligently analyze your business processes, abundance historical data and scatter relevant market data.

  • We develop our monitoring tool to enable effective monitoring activities that rarely being done by IT Security Function. Too many traffic data to be monitored, to many devices and security features that are not well configured are solved with our integrated network monitoring solution that can record network data, store, analyze and generate action-able report timely.